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This Educational Website is sponsored by HK Surgical, Inc.

This educational website will focus on clinical biostatistics and the design of clinical trials, especially in the setting of small studies by individual clinicians and larger modular clinical trials involving multiple individual clinicians participating in a joint effort. Any interested clinician or statistician is welcome to attend our Saturday morning seminar sessions

The information on this site will initially be provided by the participants in the 2008 UCR Summer Seminar in Clinical Biostatistics & Design of Clinical Trials, which involves six graduate students from the UCR Department of Statistics and several faculty advisors. The 2008 Seminar will focus on the design of clinical trials in Plastic and Dermatologic Surgery with special emphasis on randomized or controlled trials in cosmetic surgery. Although the participants are statisticians, the discussions will be directed toward practical applications and clinical considerations that any clinician should be able to understand.


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